Five feet apart movie

The film opens with clips of various people living their lives and a voiceover of Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) talking about the importance of human touch. She talks about how you don’t realize how important cảm ứng is until you cannot have it.

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Stella is a 17-year-old cystic fibrosis patient living in a hospital. Stella is hanging out in her hospital room with two friends who are discussing an upcoming trip. The friends lament how Stella cannot come with them, despite planning the trip herself. Stella tells them it’s okay and says goodbye to lớn them. She closes her hospital door, và we see her briefly showing some sadness before caring on with her day.

Every aspect of Stella’s day is carefully planned due to her disease. She has meticulously organized all her medications & keeps an extensive to-do các mục of her treatments. She also films đoạn clip blogs talking about her treatments and the life of a cystic fibrosis patient in general. She mentions she is basically OCD about her treatments. At some point, we see Stella reading a book about life after death, showing that she is also coming to lớn terms with her eventual mortality.

Poe (Moises Arias) is a fellow cystic fibrosis patient and Stella’s best friend. Strict regulations dictate that cystic fibrosis patients maintain a distance of at least six feet or they risk giving one another their infections. Poe & Stella mostly communicate via text & Facetime. Poe & Stella discuss his recent break up with his boyfriend, Michael. Poe starts laughing at one of Stella’s quips and begins to lớn choke – at which point Stella races down the hall to lớn see if he’s all right. One of the nurses sees Poe has hit his gọi button as well. Stella and the nurse get to Poe’s room and see he is fine – he laughs that he must’ve hit the call button on accident. It is apparent that Poe does things lượt thích this frequently.

Will Newman (Cole Sprouse) enters the hospital to begin a drug trial for CF. His wealthy mother is hopeful, but Will seems unenthusiastic. Will has previously contracted B. Cepacia, an intense bacterium that has eliminated him from the transplant list. Stella walks past Will’s room where she sees Will allowing two of his friends khổng lồ use his hospital room khổng lồ have sex. She is not impressed.

Stella heads khổng lồ the NICU to watch the babies. Will follows her there & tries khổng lồ talk lớn her, but Stella is annoyed at Will’s lack of regard for his health. Will remarks that they are both dying either way and he might as well live life while he can. Barbara (Kimberly Hebert Gregory), a nurse, walks in và expresses anger at how close the two are. Will leaves, và Barbara reminds Stella of Will’s infection, stating how contracting it would rob Stella of her chance at receiving new lungs.

Later, Stella looks out her hospital room window and sees Will sitting on the ledge of one of the buildings. She makes a difficult hike up the stairwell (where Will has stuck a $20 bill in the doorjamb to keep it open) to asks Will what the hell he thinks he’s doing. Will remains indifferent and talks again about enjoying life while he can. Stella says Will is being selfish và if he cares so little about living or dying he should give up his spot in the trial khổng lồ someone that actually wants it. Stella leaves. Will goes lớn follow her only lớn realize Stella has taken the $20 và left him locked on the roof.

Frustrated, Stella tries working on her computer but remains concerned about Will. She goes back to lớn his room & demands khổng lồ see his regimen. Will shows her a paper that is crumpled và covered in doodles. Stella also sees that Will’s breathing vest is carelessly lying on the floor và he does not have a medication cart in his room. Stella is astounded, asking how Will is so clueless about his regimen when most CFers are basically doctors by age 12 with all the medical treatments they undergo. Will doesn’t know what to tell her. Stella says she craves control & Will’s lack of it is driving her crazy. The two strike a khuyễn mãi giảm giá – if Will allows Stella to lớn help him with his regimen, Stella will eventually allow Will to draw her.

Will and Stella begin doing their treatments together via Facetime và start lớn bond with each other. Will watches several of Stella’s blog videos. At some point, Stella looks out the hospital window with Will & mentions wanting to “see the lights” off in the distance. Working out in the thể hình together (but maintaining the strict six-foot distance) Stella finally allows Will to draw her sitting in the window. He doesn’t show her the drawing. Later, Will draws a cartoon for Stella & slips it under her door. During a Facetime, Will notices a drawing of lungs on Stella’s wall and asks about it. Stella says it’s from her sister, Abby. Will tries to lớn ask more about Abby, but Stella shuts him down and says they don’t need to chia sẻ stories and should just vì their treatments.

Curious, Will watches several of Stella’s older videos và realizes Abby stopped appearing in them about a year ago. He concludes that Abby has died, & confronts Stella about it, asking if Abby is the reason Stella is so meticulous about her treatments. Stella confirms Abby is dead and states her death also killed their parents’ marriage. She says she feels she has lớn try to lớn live because Abby wasn’t the one who was supposed khổng lồ die. Will tries lớn apologize, but Stella angrily leaves the room. Stella also later argues with Poe about relationships, and how Poe keeps turning away people that love him.

Stella has lunch with her mother in the hospital cafeteria. Her mother holds Stella’s hand & begins tearing up, telling Stella how she much she loves her and can’t imagine life without her. Stella smiles at her mother affectionately.

Stella’s feeding tube becomes infected, and her doctor (Parminder Nagra) would like to vị surgery khổng lồ replace it. From the blog videos, Will learns that Abby used khổng lồ always sing a special tuy nhiên to Stella prior khổng lồ surgery to help calm her down. He sneaks into her room covered in surgical clothes lớn prevent infection and sings the tuy vậy to her. Stella is genuinely moved by his efforts.

Nurse Barb catches Will leaving the room & reprimands him. Will tells her he just wanted to help Stella be less scared. Nurse Barb tells Will that he and Stella remind her of previous patients of hers that fell in love & ended up dying. She feels partially responsible for their deaths because she allowed them to lớn break the rules as they were in love. She tells Will she will not be repeating that mistake. Will goes back to lớn his room và researches his bacteria further, coming lớn the conclusion that it is not safe for him và Stella lớn continue interacting.

Stella awakens from her surgery renewed và hopeful about a possible relationship with Will. She sees a box by her bedside which she opens và finds several paper flowers that Will has left her. She calls Will and leaves a slightly drunken voicemail, talking about his “fluffy hair” and “sexy skinny legs” and asks him to call her. Will ignores her. Stella later texts Will to lớn meet her in the atrium and gets all dressed up. Poe comes down to lớn let her know Will isn’t coming. Stella goes to his room and begs her khổng lồ talk to lớn him, but Will tells her lớn go away.

Poe apologizes to Stella and tells her she was right. Poe & Stella hang out in a kid’s area and talk. Stella is clearly upset about Will. Poe laments his inability to continue a relationship with anyone because he doesn’t want khổng lồ burden someone with his illness. Stella looks around the room & sees a pool table and a guide on hand washing. She gets an idea.

Will watches a new video clip Stella has uploaded. She talks about B. Cepacia and how there are ways khổng lồ prevent it, such as frequent hand washing and wearing gloves. Stella then holds up a pool cue, stating it is five feet long. She then states she is “taking back” the extra foot, as cystic fibrosis has already taken enough from her. She shows up at Wills door with the pool cue & asks if he’s in. He agrees, & they phối a time to lớn meet up later.

Stella & Will meet up for their date, pool cue in use. Will mentions how he will be turning 18 the next day và will finally be không lấy phí to make his own decisions about his health. They end up at the hospital pool, talking about their beliefs regarding life after death. Will mentions it as being “lights out,” but Stella refuses to believe her sister Abby simply blinked out of existence. She tells Will how Abby died – she broke her neck cliff jumping and then drowned. Stella was told she felt no pain, but wonders about how anyone would know that. She laments not being there for her sister and expresses regret at how Abby died alone. Will tells her not khổng lồ think about it, & reminds her that they’ll both essentially be dying alone.

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Stella admits that she’s never had sex, too embarrassed by the scars on her body. Will tells Stella she’s beautiful và how he wishes he could cảm ứng her. Stella slowly takes off her dress, showing Will her scars. Will then stands & shows Stella all his scars. The two then jump into the pool together. Nurse Barb shows up for her morning shift and quickly discovers Stella và Will missing from their beds. Poe alerts the two, và they manage khổng lồ get back without being caught.

The next day, Stella sets up a scavenger hunt of balloons for Will lớn follow. She surprises Will with a secret birthday gathering in the hospital with Poe và all their friends. Poe, preparing the meal, talks with Stella about getting back together with Michael và life being too short to avoid love. The friends have a great dinner & take a picture together, at which point Nurse Barb angrily finds them. She demands they all go back lớn their rooms & says she will be putting in paperwork to lớn have Will transferred to lớn a different hospital in the morning. Poe yells at her “But it was fun!”.

Nurse Barb is typing up the transfer order, talking khổng lồ another nurse about how the move is necessary despite her reservations. The điện thoại tư vấn button from Poe’s room goes off and thinking it is another prank, the nurse slowly makes her way khổng lồ the room. The nurse opens the door & finds Poe unconscious on the floor. Several nurses and doctors rush into the room, alerting Stella and Will. They anxiously stand outside the door. Despite resuscitation attempts, Poe dies.

Heartbroken, Stella goes back to her room and begins throwing her medication và tearing down her artwork. Will stands in the doorway, unsure of what khổng lồ do. Stella screams that Poe was her best friend & she never even got khổng lồ hug him. Will tries lớn put his hand on Stella’s shoulder, at which point she angrily pushes him away & tells him to leave. Will goes back khổng lồ his room and begins packing his belongings.

Stella bundles up và walks outside the hospital to look at the falling snow. She sees Will sitting in a waiting room with his bag & walks up lớn the glass window. They cảm ứng hands through the glass, clearly forgiving one another. Will then walks outside and asks what she’s going. Stella says she’s going lớn see the lights. Will says it’s a two-mile walk. He understands she’s upset about Poe, but she needs lớn come back inside. Stella throws the same remark Will first gave her about living life và walks on. Will follows & is startled when Stella grabs his hand. She mentions she’s wearing gloves và walks on, unphased. The pair climb up a snowy hill where Stella lays down lớn make a snow angel. Will mentions the cold và suggests they keep going.

Back at the hospital, the nurses are still reeling from Poe’s death. Stella and Will’s doctor runs in and mentions a pair of lungs is incoming and to get Stella prepped for surgery. Nurse Barb rushes lớn Stella’s room only to lớn see her missing. She texts Stella và calls Stella’s parents.

Stella receives the messages about the lungs, but now committed to lớn being with Will ignores the messages và continues on their impromptu adventure. She & Will come across a frozen pond which Stella walks out on, stating the ice is thick enough. Will is hesitant but follows. The two laugh & slide around on the ice. Will and Stella tell each other “I love you.” They both fall down & come close khổng lồ kissing, but Will tells her they can’t. Stella understands.

Stella’s parents have arrived and cannot understand why their daughter would run away from the hospital. Will’s mother arrives, và Stella’s parents angrily blame Will for their daughter’s actions. Will’s mother defends her son, & Nurse Barb steps in khổng lồ say Stella’s actions were her own and they need khổng lồ focus on finding her.

Will’s mother texts him about the lungs, and he tells Stella they have to lớn go back khổng lồ the hospital. Stella admits she already knew about the lungs and says she still has to see the lights, lớn Will’s disbelief. They are now sitting on a bridge over the frozen pond. While arguing back and forth, Stella falls and lands on the ice. Terrified, Will rushes lớn the edge of the bridge & looks down khổng lồ see Stella okay and laughing. Will walks down from the bridge và urges Stella to get off the ice so they can leave, but realizes that Stella has fallen through the ice.

Panicked, he rushes on lớn the ice, quickly texts someone for help, and reaches down lớn try và pull Stella up. He struggles with their breathing machines and eventually uses the oxygen tube & his scarf khổng lồ get Stella. She’s not breathing, & though he hesitates, Will eventually begins mouth lớn mouth. Out of breath, he collapses on the ice next to her. A few seconds of silence pass before Stella finally coughs up water và begins breathing.

Stella and Will are rushed lớn the hospital, where the doctor is talking about rushing Stella into surgery. Stella begins khổng lồ yell that she doesn’t want the transplant, she wants lớn be with Will. Will, in the bed next to her, begs Stella to get the transplant for him, & she finally agrees. Stella is wheeled away, và Will tearfully tells the doctor that he performed mouth lớn mouth. The doctor tells him they’ll worry about infection later & that Will has saved Stella’s life.

While Stella is in surgery, Will waits in his hospital room with his mother. Nurse Barb walks in to tell him Stella’s tests results have miraculously confirmed she has not contracted the bacteria. She continues that this does not mean Stella will not contract it in the future, clearly telling Will he needs khổng lồ stay away. Will’s mother asks about Will, at which point Nurse Barb sadly tells Will the drug trial is not working. Will apologizes for everything, but Nurse Barbara consoles him. Will then asks his mother if she’ll help him with something.

Will gathers the nurses, Stella’s parents, & their friends & asks if they will help with a grand gesture for Stella. They all eagerly agree và get to work. Stella wakes from surgery intubated & cannot talk, but her parents show her a video clip of Will. In it, Will tells Stella that his drug trial has failed, & regrets not being able to show her the lights. Outside her hospital room window, a large display of sparkling lights turn on, and Will walks up to lớn the glass. He calls Stella’s phone and talks to lớn her about how he now understands the expression about how if you love something you should let it go. He says he loves her, but that he can’t risk hurting her. He asks her lớn close her eyes because he won’t be able to lớn walk away if she’s watching him. Stella tearfully hesitates but does as he asks, and Will leaves.

Previously, Will had handed Stella’s parents a wrapped gift which they now give khổng lồ Stella. She unwraps it to lớn see Will’s sketchbook, filled with beautiful drawings of Stella, her family, & Poe.

The film ends with the same clips from the opening, but now includes clips of Will. Stella’s voiceover again speaks of not realizing how important touch is until you can’t have it, but now mentions the importance of how if you have someone in your life you love to lớn be sure to touch them.

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