Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 After

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There’s a long lineage of cosmic visions in Marvel Comics. The Fantastic Four were only a years old when co-creators Stan Lee & Jack Kirby introduced Galactus, a supra-sentient spacegod who literally kills planets for breakfast. Kirby, in particular, loved exploring the cosmos, and his legacy led bold creators like Jim Starlin and Steve Gerber to maps out the outer reaches of the Marvel Universe’s many galaxies.

That cosmic tradition faded from prominence during the grimdark age of superheroes, but never really went away. Và in the work of writer-director James Gunn, the Marvel Cosmos has received its most prominent showcase… well, ever. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 remixes some iconic figures from Marvel Comics with Gunn’s own candy-colored space opera vision. And, in what feels lượt thích some kind of wild dare, Gunn’s film ends with a whole series of credits-adjacent stingers, all of them potential guideposts for the future of the Guardians series & the whole Marvel universe. Let’s dig in, shall we? (Kabillion Spoilers Ensue.)

After playing a secondary antagonist in the first Guardians, Karen Gillen’s Nebula returns in the film as an uneasy ally khổng lồ the space adventurers. She ultimately comes khổng lồ peace with her stepsister Gamora — và sets off on her own mission of heroic vengeance. Nebula departs Vol. 2 on the hunt for Thanos, the monstrous warlord who raised her to be a psychotic assassin. Thanos, as hopefully everyone knows by now, is the primary antagonist of the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a pivotal role in next year’s megafranchise-unifying Avengers: Infinity War. That film’s plot will be loosely derived from The Infinity Gauntlet, which prominently features Nebula. We haven’t seen the last of her.

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The first & least narratively essential end-credits sequence finds Yondu lieutenant Kraglin experimenting with his (recently deceased) boss’ whistle weapon.

I bring this scene up because we’re about to dive deep into some deep comic book lore. Và it’s important to chú ý that what makes the Guardians movies special is how – unlike some comic book franchises which just throw together a lot of famous stories adding nothing, like if some goofball made The Dark Knight Returns and The Death of Superman into one single movie for no reason plus also Wonder Woman – Gunn has carved ground with some characters. Like, this is the whole history of Kraglin in Marvel Comics. (Also worth pointing out: Kraglin is played by Gunn’s brother Sean, who also works overtime as the on-set Rocket stand-in.)

Sylvester Stallone appears early in Guardians 2 as Stakar, a mysterious và somthailantour.comhat paternal figure for Yondu. It’s established that Stakar represents some larger force of Ravagers & that Yondu himself is an outcast, having broken the Ravagers’ outlaw moral code by running children back lớn Ego’s planet.

At the kết thúc of Guardians 2, Yondu has rescued his reputation (and the universe, sort of) at the expense of his own life. His old Ravager pals show up. If you’re a typical moviegoer – or even if you’re someone lượt thích me, who hasn’t read 30-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy comics in a long time – you experienced this scene in the following way: