Weir Sukollawat Vs Bella Ranee Lifestyle Comparison 2021

 Weir make a place around event of "Mercedes-Benz Present L"Optimus Cool Boy"s Club 2015" pervade with sweetness. After he was asked about topic that he said lượt thích he ready lớn start marriage life in 5 years,and he request about woman who beside him that is half-caste girl. That make many ones guess that woman is Bella or not? Beside he talked without closing that he is glad too if that woman is Bella, but he didn"t need khổng lồ rush a relationship, because it doesn"t work if he commit it too much Later, it has news that you buy Bella a bag Weir - "About that trip, I went to Milan with P" Nune và P" Du for shooting a show.This bag is rare item, & I found that bag is in that place.

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So I take this opportunity for buying it. I ask P" Nune to help me for choosing me." Did Bella request this bag?Weir - "Yeah, we talked about this, but I don"t know about the brand. So I must asked P" Nune và P" Du to lớn help me for choosing" Is the price around 1 millions?Weir - "Nope, not that expensive" Did she happy when she saw a bag?Weir - "Yes, well...she has found it" Does it is special present for her? Weir - "I buy it for her, because it"s rare thành tích anywhere. & it is in my hand, so I bought it for her." How often vì you meet Bella at now?Weir - "We meet less each other, because I just start shooting for 2 lakorns. But I practice lớn chat a little bit, & send a picture or anythings.

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But I"m not good at video clip call (laugh)" And about you talked that you will marriage in 5 years. Is that from your heart?Weir - "I just said on, but it"s lượt thích they trick me a questions in a show. I answer them that I need khổng lồ have half-caste girlfriend, because it good for me, và a child too(laugh)" When you talked about half-caste woman. Many ones involve that woman as Bella.Weir - "Whoever, but I need a half-caste girl a bit."  Actually, are you ok if you will marriage with her?Weir - "Yes, because I rare talk with other one except her only. But I need it"s slowly more than committing it too much, because it may not work" How old vày you need khổng lồ have marriage life?Weir - "That ok around 35 years old, because I"m 30 years old now. I try to bởi vì it in 5 years. As I said, I need to lớn look that who is beside me in that time.Just like that" If that one is Bella, so that is sheWeir - "Who is that one, that is her (laugh)"  Credit : Sanook

Sounds like he"s being more open about their relationship now. Too bad Bella is just a pretty face, he deserves a girl with a better attitude.