I don"t really know anything about motherboards but I get a feeling this thing isn"t very good for one. The BIOS was kinda... ...wonky? It seems to lớn dislike my poking around & it seems a bit unstable. Maybe I just need khổng lồ learn more but for now I really can"t see anything good in it.

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Something to lớn consider on this board is the proximity of the RAM slots lớn the vị trí cao nhất PCIe slot. The little plastic clips in the empty slots were hanging down. When I mounted the graphics thẻ on the board it felt lượt thích it wasn"t clicked in all the way so I pushed pretty hard. I didn"t notice that the backplate was on top of them và sheared them off. A quick repair with superglue seemed khổng lồ work...



A larger, expanded version of the AB350N mã sản phẩm with a cảm biến of RGB LED by the PCIe slots. If you don"t care for RGB headers then this"ll suit you just fine. I go for LED fans, anyway.

In terms of performance, it"ll handle prolonged gaming sessions just fine with overclock set to auto or OC Mode using the Gigabyte app or even AMD"s Ryzen Master software & Global Wattman through its Radeon settings. PCIe 3.0 x16 & x4 slots are available with an M.2 PCIe slot in between.

Two System tín đồ Headers will likely have you using splitters or 3/4 pin connectors. Fortunately, each header supplies up lớn 2A of power

M.2 SSD support up khổng lồ 22110, which is neat for anyone looking lớn have bonkers amount of M.2 storage.

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Overall, its reliability and durability is great, though it doesn"t feel as feature-laden as its Mini ITX sibling. Sure, it has more than the AB350N, but only because it"s a larger motherboard. The AB350N version has a WiFi+BT card, unlike this board, and 2 RGB headers along with an RGB strip beneath the RAM slots. However, having that PCIe x1 slot for whatever expansion you want is a good trade-off.


The gigabyte motherboard was an anxiety filled purchase as I really vày not have the patience to wait for an AMD bootkit. I bought it from Amazon as soon as the vật phẩm came off "out of stock" & got lucky enough to lớn receive a F22 bios, compatible with Pinnacle Ridge.

*For anyone else looking khổng lồ play the lottery with b350 boards, this particular motherboard requires a serial number higher than SN1810xxxxxxxx lớn have a compatible bios with Pinnacle Ridge.

This was one of the cheapest AM4 motherboards when i purchased it but it is not bad. It has RED LEDs và 4 RAM slots. My only problem is the confusing BIOS but a bios nâng cấp could solve the rubbish one that came on mine.

cant change the voltage for the cpu on the bios. I had khổng lồ use ryzen master khổng lồ change voltage và overclock

Ordered from Newegg as a part of a bundle with the CPU và RAM. It has all the features I need and the build went easily. Maybe could have used better documentation on the ATX 12V connection.